Welcome to my almost-daily blog! Feast your eyes as I demonstrate my ability to verbalize my actually-daily struggles as an American human, my ability to cook with almost no food and hardly having a stove, and my occasional thoughts on U.S. foreign relations! Feel free to patronize me, and peace be with you!



If there exists a person in the world more qualified to talk about nothing than any other, surely it is I. My name is Shepherd, and as my name suggests, I am indeed a herder of sheep. Not literally, of course, though that is my ultimate goal.

There is not much that I can disclose under the restrictions of my futile attempt at anonymity, but I will say this: I am broke, hungry, and smart. Never underestimate one who is broke, hungry, and smart; we are unstoppable.

Shoot me a question, a criticism, a picture of your dogs, whatever floats your boat.

Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


Feedback shouldn’t just be that terrible noise you get when you put your microphone next to your amplifier. Questions? Comments? Complaints? Hate mail? Job offers? Ideas? Let me have it! Hold nothing back.